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About Family Day Care

Family Day Care is an approved form of child care that is provided in the family day care educators own home.

Government Approved

Child Care is the caring for and supervision of a child or children, usually from age six weeks to age thirteen.

Healthy Food Provided

Health home cooked meals are provided for all children in the centres care, we cater for allergies.

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I was invited to attend a free (non-Music Together) children’s music class demo last month via a Stay at Home Moms’ Meetup group. I decided to check it out with “A”, my 2 year-old daughter and current Music Together participant. I must admit it was a complete waste of time! I had not realized until then how spoiled we are with Marcia Winnard, the kids’ Music Together teacher, and the program itself. Marcia exceeds all expectations as a teacher and the Music Together program is far superior. Marcia is so talented, engaging and interactive. She’s musical and passionate and we love when she plays her various instruments! I truly appreciate that she teaches the parents, too! “A” and I were bored at this non-Music Together class, and extremely disappointed with such overuse of their CD player. It was distracting with all the playing and pausing and backing up certain tracks! I’ve always raved about Marcia and Music Together, but now I know for certain it’s the best!

My daughter loves Music Together! We have been attending since she was just over a year old, and now at almost two, it’s amazing to see how she has started developing musically. She has her favorite songs from the collections, and will often request them when we ride in the car. I love to see her find and keep the rhythm, follow instructions in the songs, and sing along as best she can.(Her accompanying carseat dance moves are also quite a treat.) She has such a wonderful time in class as well; there is something magical about making and learning about music with other children her age! Music Together is definitely a cherished part of our week.

Peyton C.
Thank you for such a great class that Henry and I can enjoy together. We look forward to it every week.  The songs from class have become my magic mommy too — any time Henry doesn’t want to get in his car seat, or get a diaper change, I sing one of the songs and he stops crying & starts clapping. It’s the cutest thing ever and it has made our lives (& errands!) a lot easier and a lot more fun. Most of what I say to him I know is just babble, since he’s only 14 months, but the songs from class have become our own special little language. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and song leader, and for imbuing the songs with so much fun and “magic.”
Natalie & Henry
The Jax MusicTogether program unlocks doors that enhance the learning experience for young children. My oldest son did not respond to music as a stimuli prior to participating in this program. But after the first session of JaxMusicTogether, he started swaying when he heard music, singing and even dancing! Now, after 8 weeks, he makes up songs, sings them out loud and plays an imaginary guitar. My heart is warmed every time I hear him sing because we enjoy music as a family now. He is like a rose that fully opened after experiencing JaxMusicTogether. Thanks so much Marcia for your kindness and sharing your blessed gift.
RM Ware
We are loving the Summer session at Bay&Bee with Ms. Marcia. My boys love listening to the cds in the car as well as dancing to them at home. Ms. Marcia is so patient, chipper and does a great job keeping my super busy boys and the class on task while still letting them do their own thing if they want to.