It’s the best!

I was invited to attend a free (non-Music Together) children’s music class demo last month via a Stay at Home Moms’ Meetup group. I decided to check it out with “A”, my 2 year-old daughter and current Music Together participant. I must admit it was a complete waste of time! I had not realized until then how spoiled we are with Marcia Winnard, the kids’ Music Together teacher, and the program itself. Marcia exceeds all expectations as a teacher and the Music Together program is far superior. Marcia is so talented, engaging and interactive. She’s musical and passionate and we love when she plays her various instruments! I truly appreciate that she teaches the parents, too! “A” and I were bored at this non-Music Together class, and extremely disappointed with such overuse of their CD player. It was distracting with all the playing and pausing and backing up certain tracks! I’ve always raved about Marcia and Music Together, but now I know for certain it’s the best!